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Meet P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney.

A Little About Me:
Hello, my name is P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney, or just "Sherman" for short. I am a medium to large sized pitty mix. I tend to spend my days relaxing around the house with my temporary 4 legged brothers and sister. In my spare time I like to chew on dog toys, dog beds, and alert you to all intruders on and around the home. I get along well with other dogs as I've lived with 3-7 dogs at one time, though I'd like to be properly introduced first. However, even though I like other dogs, I tend to chase and bark at cats, so a home without cats would be preferred please.

I am a Large Spunky Male Pitty Mix Dog. I am good with Dogs, Kids. I am good with kids of the age(s): Pre-Teen, Teen. My approximate birth date is 4/20/2014. I am house broken. I am crate trained. I go out to potty mornings, afternoons, and evenings. I like these toys: Balls, Frisbee, Squeeky, Furry, Rope.

I am currently living at Foster Care.

P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney has been neutered by the rescue.

I had the following training:
Sherman is currently being trained on how to properly walk on a leash. He does know basic commands such as sit and shake and does well with his call back. Potty training is going well as he will inform you he needs to go out by pacing vigorously or sitting next to the door.

This is my known personal history:

I eat Currently on rescue supplied dry kibble mixed with FROMM wet food and fish oil pills for his dry skin-coat..


These are my known special requirements:
On May 18th Sherman had undergone heartworm treatment. So for the next several months Sherman needs to be kept as calm as possible for the treatment to have its maximum effectiveness. Sherman also requires fish oil for his coat-skin, in addition to an ointment for his calloused joints..

Currently, I am not shown anywhere. If you would like to see me, call the number on the PAAW Home page to make an appointment.

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