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Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren

1 hour 31 minutes ago

It takes a special kinda of person to adopt a rescue dog. A person may need to come meet them a few times, may need to sleep on the floor a few nights with them. A person may need take steps at home to create a safe place. Some dogs, may not like other dogs and that doesn't mean they are bad pets. Deaf dogs with fear just need that right person who will set them up for success. A dog with anxiety need someone with patience. Dogs that grew up on the streets, may love you from afar but doesn't mean they don't love their home. Creating a yard and home that is safe just means you get it. We have dogs hoping a forever home is out there. They are in foster homes and thriving because fosters have learned to accept and work with what the dog has. We see goofy happy dogs that you will never see at adoption event due to the stress of an event. Talk to us tell us what you can offer and we can probably match you pretty well all you have to do is offer the love!

Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren

16 hours 43 minutes ago

ADOPTED: congratulations Fiona on finding your forever home!!

Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren

17 hours 50 minutes ago

Congratulations to adorable Diesel and his new forever family!πŸ˜»πŸ’œ

Just an update for the far west-siders!

PAAW now has cats and kittens available at Pet Valu on 14 and Farmington in West Bloomfield!

Please stop by to see who is available! 😺

Still looking..and seriously hoping for a miracle!

Blue's owner/foster moved and we are desperate to get him in a home to relieve the stress on him. Man...we can't fail this dog. He is amazing, but he will need you to take time with him. Blue does have some anxiety, so doing a few meet and greets before hand is recommended. Is there anyone who could not love this big guber. If no adopters or fosters is there anyone or any rescue who can offer help. He is current on shots, neutered, and has been through obedience training. Good with other dogs..that aren't in his face, kids, people. Please contact us or message me.

Congratulations to sweet Maxwell and his new furever family! πŸ’œπŸ˜»

Local kittens need your help!

Do you have a spare room and some love to give? PAAW has answered the call to help a fast-growing feral cat situation in a local neighborhood. We will TNR (trap-neuter-release) the adult cats but would like to find homes for the 25+ kittens living there. Before we can get started, we need to secure foster homes for these little cuties. If you love kittens and want to do a good deed that saves lives, fostering is a great opportunity to enjoy all the fun a kitten brings without the lifetime commitment of adoption. The kittens need to be socialized- they are used to people but not completely domesticated yet. It most likely will not take long for them to be purring in your lap!

This is an emergency situation, please pass along and SHARE to any friends and family that may be able to foster! Just message, call or email us! or

Attached are pictures of other we kittens recently rescued!

Thank you very much!

The PAAW Team

Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren

6 days 47 minutes ago

PAAW would like to thank Sandy A for her donation of flea meds! Also thank you to the mystery donor who sent dog food! Supplies are greatly needed and we are so appreciative of your generosity!