PAAW is dedicated to saving the lives of all those dogs and cats in need.

Adopt a Pet

Adoption Fees

Puppies $250.00
Dogs (Standard) $150.00
Dogs (Toy Breeds) $250.00
Kittens & Cats $125.00
Adopt a friend for your cat for $199.00 Total
Adopt 3 cats together for $275.00 Total
Kittens & Cats – Special Breed/Mixes . . . . . . . . $199 each or adopt 2 for $300

– Special breed/mixes (i.e., Siamese, Himalyan, Persian, etc.)

As a general rule, PAAW does not adopt out-of-state, or outside a 2 hour radius of our location. Exceptions MAY be made on a limited basis.

Note: Some animal adoption fees may vary based on special breeds, age, training requirements or other. Please contact us at if you have any questions in regard to a particular pet you are interested in adopting.