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Logan's Law

Please Support Logan’s Law

Logan is a sweet 11 yr old husky owned by Matt and Nancy Falk of Goodells Michigan. One night in mid March he suffered chemical burns to his face, Matt tells the story of what …happened to Logan:

“I had put Logan in his own kennel at 11;00 PM, when I returned the in the morning at 9 AM. I saw the bright red scaring on his muzzle. I took him directly to Wadhams Road Animal Clinic where he was looked at right away. He was treated and given meds and sent home to be cared for. The burn continued to spread over the following 3 days. After many weeks Logan was on the road to recovery, but sadly due to complications Logan lost his fight in July 2012 and quietly passed away at my feet while working on his LOGAN’S LAW page.”

Because of Logans ordeal, Matt and Nancy have made it their mission to get Michigan Senate bills 219 / 220 and House bills 4353 / 4355 passed into law. These bills would create an animal abuse data base for the state. If passed Logan’s Law would be the FIRST statewide animal abuser registry in the nation!

“Even though Logans attack was a terrible thing, we have a chance to turn this into something positive for animals all over the state, maybe even the country. Every fire starts from a single spark”

~ Matt Falk

Logan’s Law Would:

  • Start An Animal Abuse Database Using Michigan State Police ICHAT.
  • Require Any State Licensed Shelter To Check The ICHAT System, And Prohibit The Adoption Of An Animal To Anyone On The Abuser List.
  • Prohibit Anyone Convicted On An Animal Abuse Crime From Owning An Animal For At Least 5 Years.