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Hi Michelle, I just wanted you to know that my dear, beloved Maltese, Snowbell, was euthanized at home yesterday, surrounded by mommy, daddy, and grandma. She was diagnosed with a massive nasal tumor the size of which the vet had not seen before. She probably had it growing for about a year before she started getting nosebleeds. Eventually, a lump develop between her eyes, which was the tumor boring its way outside of her sinuses. This caught us totally off guard. We are SO heartbroken. She was a sweetie-pie and very much loved; even her vet commented on how she was exceptional, even for her breed.

I don’t think we are ready for another pet yet, because our hearts are so broken, but if another Maltese comes your way (Snowbell was my 2nd Maltese rescue. We understand this breed and they melt our hearts), we might be tempted! 🙂

Here is one of her last photos, happy in daddy’s arms, even with her biopsy stitches…Such a brave little pooch. Thank you for that allowing me to adopt this precious member of our family.

Julia Spina-Kilar