PAAW is dedicated to saving the lives of all those dogs and cats in need.

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Foster Agreement Form

I agree to the following terms and conditions of this foster agreement. I clearly understand that any animals placed in my possession for purpose of fostering by PAAW are the legal property of the rescue and that any and all decision regarding their welfare and placement will be under direct supervision of the PAAW board. I further agree that any animals for which PAAW has provided medical services on my behalf will be adopted through PAAW with all adoption proceeds to be retained by the rescue as reimbursement for said services and to assist in the placement of other animals in need. I understand that the intake decisions on animals accepted into the program are made solely by the board and agree that I will not take in any animals with the expectation that they be accepted into the adoption program without express prior authorization. I understand that the rescue is not responsible for veterinary services which may be required for my own personal pets as a result of my participation in the foster program. I agree that all medical costs paid by PAAW must have verbal consent to an approved veterinarian by a member of the PAAW board prior to treatment being rendered. I agree to humanely house any foster animals in my care until permanent placement can be arranged through adoption. If for any reason outside of my control I can no longer foster animals in my care, I agree to surrender all fostered animals to a Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren representative only, and provide a minimum of three days’ notice.