PAAW is dedicated to saving the lives of all those dogs and cats in need.

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Volunteer Liability Waiver Form

I hereby agree that I am providing volunteer services to Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren (PAAW), assisting in pet adoption and rescue work. This may also include assisting in adoptions of pets through PAAW at local retail stores and special events. I understand that neither PAAW nor any outside party associated with PAAW including but not limited to pet stores, cities, or local shelters for purposes of animal adoption or rescue is responsible for any illness or injury caused by any animals that I come into contact with during my volunteer work. I agree to hold harmless and release from liability PAAW, its volunteers and officers should I become sick or injured from any animals as a result of my volunteer work. I acknowledge that I will be performing volunteer services for PAAW. I further understand that certain risk may be associated with such volunteer services. I voluntarily and knowingly sign this waiver with the express understanding of waiving all rights or cause of action involving, without limitation, bodily injury or property damage to myself while I am engaged, directly or indirectly, in such volunteer services, whether caused by the negligence of PAAW, its officers, directors, agents or employees. Further, I shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless PAAW and it’s officers, directors, agents, and employees from and against any and all liability, damage, loss, cost, and expense incurred as a result of any claim, demand, or cause of action brought against PAAW, its officers, agents, or employees, jointly or individually, for bodily or property damage suffered as a result of my negligent, reckless or willful action in the performance of the volunteer services or as a result to perform volunteer services.
Personal information will be used for PAAW only